Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fact versus Fiction - Movies

"You like those white movies...." - My homie Gangsta D

America, we are at war! Nope I'm not talking about the War against Terror in Iraq. I'm not talking about the escalating situation in Afghanistan. I'm talking about your favorite author, the Honest Man versus the public that thinks I don't support my African-American films. That could not be farther from the truth. I support SOME African-American films. To prove my point, I will list 10 movies featuring either a predominantly black cast or directed by a black director I've seen or watched in the past 10 years. and actually would watch more than once...

  1. The Best Man
  2. The Wood
  3. Stomp the Yard
  4. Paid in Full
  5. Drumline
  6. Barbershop 1
  7. Barbershop 2
  8. Ray
  9. 25th Hour
  10. Inside Man
The last two qualify because they were directed by Spike Lee :-). You notice timeless classics like Soul Plane, First Sunday, or any Tyler Perry didn't make the cut. That wasn't a mistake. I don't go see movies just because they have black folks in it. I see movies that look like they have a decent script and quality actors. When I see a trailer featuring Master P getting his hustle on in the hood selling bad cell phones, my mind doesn't go, wow that just screams Oscar. Hell not even a SAG award. My mind goes bad film, bad acting, and not even TBS late night worthy. I'll save my money for the Ghetto Dope CD lol.

People clown me and say how can I watch something stupid like Old School and not say 3 Strikes. For starters those are horrible comparisons. That's like comparing Carly Fiorina and Mother Theresa. Two totally different categories. Good comedy versus bad comedy. There are plenty of white movies out that belong in the bad comedy category. Mall Cop, The New Guy, and any Rob Schneider movie come to mind. I don't see a trailer like "Meet the Spartans" and go 'Dude I'm soo there.' Like in the previous paragraph, it has to catch my interest first for me to even think about dropping $8 dollars for it.

And trust me, I'm not always right about my movie selections. I've shelled out money for Leonard Part 6, Blankman, Batman Forever, and other stupid movies I wish someone would have smacked me before going in to see. But about 85% of the time, my Spider sense tingles and the bad movie vibe kicks in.

The Honest Man just wanted to let his African American readers know that I donate money to the cause. But the only way I'm watching certain films is if my wife uses the same jedi mind trick on me that I use on her to get out of seeing the Johnson Family vacations of the movie world.

Today's Lesson

I've seen almost every Will Smith movie in a theater. Doesn't that count :-)

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