Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Talking 'bout my generation

Do you know who Plaxico Burress is? If not, quick story, he's a wide receiver that plays for the New York Giants. He got into trouble late last year for illegally carrying a firearm. The dumb part was he got caught because he shot himself. Anyway, his team played the Eagles in a playoff game and during the game, a clip of Plax was shown on the sidelines. One commentator said they could have used Burress today and his counterpart agreed but said Plax is part of that "me first generation that put himself before his team." Me first generation eh? As opposed to who?

Generation X is defined as people born between 1961 and 1981. Plaxico and myself are part of this generation. Our generation has been criticized for being more about "I" instead of "we" by the preceding generation aka the Baby Boomers. That generation supposedly breathes the value of hard work, loyalty, and honesty or other good positive terms our generation lacks. But it's like they are Stevie Wonder when it comes to their generation and the Honest man is hear to cure that blindness.

Our country currently is facing its' worst economic times since the Great Depression. Since the late 90s, we've had the bust, 2 recessions ('02 and now), and more economic scandals than Oprah's had diets (which is a lot). And you know who's caused this? Sure as hell not my generation. That's right readers, it's the "hard working" Baby Boomer generation!

Look at the scandals that have rocked this nation in this decade. Tyco. Worldcom. AIG. And my favorite, the mighty Enron. Just a few to wet your lips because there are many many more. But you know who was the head at each of these companies. Again, you guessed it, the Baby boomers. They cooked books, overstated earnings, destroyed countless 401ks and pension plans, etc. I mean you literally thought it was a bad dream but nope it was a hard reality. The same people saying I'm lazy and spoiled, are illegally taking money because they are too lazy to come up with ways to increase revenue and are accustomed to their spoiled lifestyle of private jets and Carribean vacations. But we're the selfish ones right?

Let's focus on an individual since you think I'm talking out my ass. By now, you know about Bernie Madoff and his get rich quick Ponzi scheme that screwed HUNDREDS of investors out of BILLIONS of dollars. This asshole knew what he was doing was wrong yet continued to do it because he was consumed by greed and thought he was untouchable. And when he got busted, cat expressed little remorse over what he did. Guess what generation he's a part of :-)

Their trifleness has created a get mine mentality in our generation. I mean why should we aim to work hard for 30 or so years at a company when there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (for the dumb, that's 401K and/or pension). Or better yet, have someone take that pot of gold in a matter of seconds because they decided working hard was for fools. They told my mom that if you work hard now, it will pay off later. Shit those days are over. Working hard now means you will only work harder later and longer. It's about working smart. And working smart means if you have to jump ship a few times to make that salary grow by 30% or more, then get yours pimp! I mean it's the American way.

Today's Lesson

Don't hate on us because you created this fucked up situation we're in today. We just trying to get our moolah now before the well runs dry.

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Gangsta D said...

I refuse to be shit upon by a generation that did all the drugs they did in the 60's. I'm just saying...