Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Change is gonna come

We're a few weeks away from inaugurating our first minority president. Folks have been clamoring for me to talk about President-elect (for now) Obama's historical win. And since I am the People's Champion, Waldini is here to give the People what they want.

Waldini's Take - I supported Barack from jump. Not when he we announced he was running for president. Not when it was evident that Hilary had no shot at overtaking him in the Democratic primary. Not when it was evident that McCain was about to get slaughtered on Election Night. I'm talking about when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 and the media started discussing him as a serious 2008 presidential candidate. It was just the way he conveyed his message: clear, concise, and genuine. I feel those qualities are lacking in quite a few of our politicians, regardless of party affliation, race, or gender. By no means is Barack perfect. I felt sometimes during the Presidential debates, he was long winded and talked in circles. But in terms of portraying who I think who is best to lead the country during these troubled times, hands down he's the better choice over a dude who's already suffered 2 heart attacks.

I believe my President should be smarter than me. When I look at Barack's background versus McCain's, education STRONGLY ways in favor of Obama. Not only did Barack obtain undergrad and graduate degrees from Columbia and Harvard, he excelled in his studies. Look at McCain's record, he finished at the bottom of his Navy school class, but supposedly it was because his teacher didn't like him. That bullshit didn't fly when I used to tell my mom that story and it doesn't fly with me.

From a vice presidential sidekick perspective, again it was intelligent move on Barack's part.On one side, one had an old white man on his side, and on the other a younger white female. What did I say was the key to success in an earlier post :-)? Yep, you need an old white man. Yeah, I'm aware McCain fits this description but he went for the cheap vote by pulling in an unknown person. The public was cool until she opened her mouth. Then it became What The Fuck. Game. Match. Point. Obama.

Think about this, if Barack had chosen Hilary as his VP running mate, old white males would have been staring at a black man and white woman on their screen, going this combo's going to ruin me. You don't think Barack's party thought about that. America's ready for change but only in baby steps. No white man in the mix equals no chance in hell. Smart move President-elect Obama!

And for those reading who think I voted for Barack Obama because he's black and I'm black, think again. For starters, he's biracial, I'm not. Second, if I were voting for him just because he was black, then why didn't Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton secure at least the Democratic nomination when they ran (think about it).

Today's Lesson

To put this in perspective, my grandfather is 87 years old. That means he lived during the times of colored only restrooms, not being served food because of his skin color, and other random acts of racism. My son is almost 2, goes to an integrated school, and has his diaper changed by white women. God Bless America!

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