Friday, January 16, 2009

The Honorable Dr. Martin Christopher Wallace

DISCLAIMER: This was a public service announcement from honest views, unlimited. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the staff and management of Black America, but hopefully one day they will (thanks Rev Dr).

Hmm, the film "Notorious" is opening today, on MLK and Inauguration weekend no less. Are you skipping work so you can be the first one on the block to claim to see Biggie's biopic? I had a minor interest in seeing it but then started thinking about a few things. Why am I in a rush to see a movie about a dead rapper? I've heard all reasonings from celebrating his legacy to making sure he's remembered correctly. My initial thoughts are like his song that he sampled R Kelly's voice..."IT'S UNNNBEELLIIIAVABLLE". My drawn out musings are below

Item #1: I'm struggling to understand the hoopla surrounding Biggie. I liked him as much as any of my favorite rappers but that's all he was. Period. Finish. End of Story. I'm being brainwashed to believe a former drug dealer, who infamously said he even sold crack to pregnant mothers, turned to rap because it made him more famous is supposedly a martyr. A martyr for who? The dumb and lazy who think trying to be Calvin from the corner at Mickey D's is beneath them? This movie inspires me like "8 mile" and "Get Rich or Die Trying" (ok I'm stretching on the latter). I saw those on TV and I will be seeing this on TV. That is unless my bootleg comes first.

Item #2: This just in, Lil Kim's not happy with how she is portrayed in the movie. Funny, she should be happen they used an actual human's face instead of using one of those Planet of the Apes mask on somebody that would truly be a lifelike image of her. Or maybe the movie doesn't show her enough on her back or knees for her liking. Considering you are at 14:59 of your 15 minutes of fame, you should be grateful you are a featured mistress. Look at Charli Baltimore, they don't have anyone playing her and she ain't complaining.

Item #3: Why would you open "Notorious" on MLK weekend? The two men had MUCH different viewpoints on working together and the end result. I have a (bad) dream where other (bad) decisions will be made like releasing Tupac's lifestory during Black History Month 2010 or debuting Puffy's biography on Christmas Day 2011 to pair it with Jesus' Birthday. Careful he might remix "Amazing Grace" just for the ignorant who will think Diddy is talking about a stripper he met in Cancun. Back to Frank White, if it was coincidence, then fine I'm ok with the opening but if on purpose, for the love of anything that's right in the world, WHY? The only way Biggie and Martin belong in a sentence is if the latter ends with Lawrence (peep Big's guest appearance on Season 4).

Today's Lesson

I'm wondering what worse, this or having a MLK Pajammy Jam thrown in Martin's honor (true story, happened my freshman year in college). Seeing booties jiggle probably was not the message Dr. King had in mind when he fought for civil rights. But damn Sheniqua was looking mighty fine that evening. CHHUUUUCCCHHH.

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Gangsta D said...

"If you make it, we all make it."

Worse dialog and delivery of all time. I love how they try to make it so inspiring in the trailer. He rapped. He made money. He got shot. End of story.