Monday, October 25, 2010

The Honest Man's NBA season preview

It just dawned on me that the NBA regular season starts Tuesday. As in tomorrow. As in the 2010-2011 season will officially be upon us tomorrow. As in my team, your team, America's team, aka the back to back NBA Champion LA Lakers begin defense of their crown tomorrow. And I feel I owe it to the sports readers on my page to give you the Honest Man's own NBA 2010-2011 Season Preview. Don't worry, I'm not going to do a team by team breakdown. I mean who in the hell cares about the T-Wolves. They suck mejor cuelo :-).

Western Conference - It's no secret who I think is going to win the conference. But even using my head and not my heart, it's still a purple and gold show. I mean seriously who can take down LA in the West when they are at full strength and healthy?

- Oklahoma? They lack the consistent 3rd scorer to compliment Durant and Westbrook. They are young, they definitely can run up and down, they're solid defensively, and they've got a good coach. But unless Harden or Green morphs into that #3 position, you are going to need more than Durant/Westbrook to overtake LA. Plus they need a deep playoff run with painful results before they understand what it takes. Give them 2-4 years though, they are going to be hell to play. LA included.

- TrailBlazers? Aw yes, everyone's anointed team two seasons ago. It's kinda funny, Kevin Pritchard was celebrated as the GM that everyone wants to be back in 2008 because he had Brandon Roy, drafted Greg Oden, traded for Rudy Fernandez, and supposedly had a team full of depth and on the rise. A few injuries here and 1st round playoff flameouts there, now he's unemployed. The team is good but it's not great. And that's what people miss. Oden, Pryzbilla, and Camby don't scare opponents offensively. I like Roy but I think they overwork him for all the supposed depth they have. Good team but I don't see them as NBA champs now or in the future.

- Nuggets? Joking, these cats never were and never will be known as elite. And for everyone who has sense, stop calling Chauncey Billups Mr Big Shot. He has one ring. Big Shots have more than one ring. It's kinda like how people keep saying Reggie Miller is clutch because of 2 great games he had in '94. He's not. Not with one finals appearance and no rings. Back to Denver, I can't take a team seriously when it's #1 option plays defense like my 1 year old plays offense (it doesn't exist), and it's #3 or #4 option talks a lot, tweets a lot, but doesn't do a whole lot to back it up.

- Spurs? I don't care if they get Splitter, Jefferson's game returns, or George Hill overtakes Mr. Longoria as the starter. It was over in 2008. Put on NBA TV's marathon of Spurs games if you want to remember them as champions cuz pimpin' it's OVA!

- Other West? I. can't. see. it. Rockets? Please. Suns? The sun has set. Utah? Losing Boozer, and it pains me to say that, will hurt more than people think. Clippers? Shockingly on paper, that team could give some teams the business. Just depends on how Baron feels, which is a shame. But the rest? Better go ahead and get ready for the 2011 lottery.......

Ok, so you like, oh you biased, not gonna talk about the East. Well the East doesn't need a breakdown like the West because it's straightforward. Miami, Boston, Orlando. That's it. Everyone else is playing for the right to get beat by those teams next spring. Atlanta can't do it because Joe Johnson is their #1 option instead of their #2. Chicago is missing shooters to go with it's great penetrater and equally good defense. I can't see past that. Wizards, Nets, Raptors, Knicks, Cavs...let me stop. That's horrible enough in it's own right. Just painful.

As for the East Elite, contrary to what some may believe, I think Miami and Boston can beat LA. I have more faith in the latter because of their point guard. All the bandwagoners keep talking about what Lebron will do to Artest if they meet up and that's great but what about the other matchups. Anthony vs Bynum? Bosh vs Gasol? Bryant vs Wade? Fisher vs Chalmers or Arroyo? The benches? C'mon son :-). As for Beantown, you saw the series this summer. Yea they can match up fine. As for the Magic, until Superman figures out how to avoid his kryptonite (translation: develop a low post game), they will continue to falter in the late rounds.

So there you have it? In a quick summary, the Honest Man's NBA 2011 season preview. Oh yea, tell the Laker haters to dress warm. It's cold where you gon be next year ;-)

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