Monday, October 11, 2010

Your weekly inspiration - Going to Hahvaaad!

Have you ever seen Good Will Hunting? If not, you are seriously depriving yourself. The movie is dopalicious. Yep, you know it's big time when I'm breaking out the slang instead of proper English. But for the ebonically challenged, the movie is one dandy of a good piece of the-a-ter.

Anyway, there are so many great scenes in this movie but my favorite is the Harvard bar scene for multiple reasons. Rich vs poor, smart vs smarter, arrogance vs asshole, man vs man for a girl, yep it's all in there. Cleverly written, it's a classic case of watching the evolution or ascension of intelligence levels. Almost like watching nerd Bloodsport except the next stage has brains instead of brawn. If this scene doesn't want to make you go out and see this, I don't know what to tell you. And after you watch, tell me how you like DEM APPLES!!

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