Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. Sanchez goes to the Daily Show

When are you going to learn America? When are you going to wake up and realize how ingenious Jon Stewart is? And when are some of you going to learn to stop underestimating how smart this man is?? Did we not learn anything from him obliterating Cramer on his show earlier this year?

I think one reason I like Stewart is because he doesn't spare anyone. No race, religion, gender, or sexual preference goes unturned in his eyes. It's what I wished the other social commentary media types (cough Limbaugh, cough cough Beck, choke O'Reilly) would do more of. Put your bias aside and just speak on it.

So today's constestant on Stewart's Summer Jam screen is the infallible Rick Sanchez. Oh you don't watch Rick Sanchez aka Rick's list on CNN? Don't feel bad, not a lot of people do. And it has nothing to do with race, dude just isn't that good. The couple of times I watched his show, I walked away confused and wondering what point is he trying to make.

By now, you know what's happened but in case you don't here's the cliff notes version. Sanchez called out Stewart and others last week by saying he's a bigot and Jews run the media. And he was promptly canned from CNN. Now if you know Steward, you knew he was going to "speak" on it. And boy did he :-)

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