Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Your weekly inspiration - D Muthaphucka D!

1991. Columbia, South Carolina. West Columbia to be exact. A random Saturday night in the Honest man's room, which is part of the Honest Mama's house. Channel 19 aka WLTX aka CBS shows a movie that will change my life forever. That movie was "Do the Right Thing." Released in 1989, the movie was Spike Lee's breakthrough movie. Critically acclaimed, Oscar nominations galore (Supporting Actor, Director), it has stood the test of time and ranks on many folks lists as one of the top influential movies of all time.

Today I post a scene that resonates with anyone who has seen the movie. And for those that have not, this is one of MANY scenes that should have you contacting Netflix immediately after you peep this scene. Oh yea the movie itself? It's about race relations and what happens emotions boil over. Just a great character study on how different cultures interact with one another. Still don't believe me? Just watch. TWENTY MUTHAPHUCKA TWENTY!! Learn to speak English in this Muthaphucka....Damn, I'm poppin' in my Blu Ray NOW :-)

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