Friday, October 1, 2010

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - We're a Winner Edition

It's a new month readers. We're in the home stretch of 2010 and for those who need some motivation to keep it moving, here's an oldie but goodie from the Honest Mama and Pop's golden record treasure chest.

If you don't know about Curtis Mayfield, you need to get a clue. He's the man that is responsible for classic "Superfly" soundtrack. For you folks that still need a clue, go listen to your favorite Snoop albums :-). Like Prego, yep it's in there! Now you'll get a pass if you don't know the Impressions b/c even I didn't know who they were until I got a lot older. But they are Curtis' first group and they dropped some great gems, like this one. Get motivated folks b/c we're all winners!

Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions - We're a Winner

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