Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why oh why did I drink Paladino?

It was a café on the westside, midtown 
Said they had the best cap of cappucino around
So I stepped in, and I ordered a cup
Someone grabbed me by my throat and said, "Shut the fuck up!" - MC Lyte

The title and above 4 bars basically sum up my thoughts about the rapidly becoming famous Carl Paladino. Man's been making headwaves all over the great state of New York as he is seeking to become governor. He's been so unintentionally funny that someone created a "Shit Carl Says" running site of updated euphemisms he spurts out.

Now before I go into my "issues" with him, let's do some background. Paladino was a Democrat for 20 plus years before he converted to Republican in 2005. No issues with that from me as I do not view myself as siding strongly with one party over the over. He's backed by the Tea Party. Again no real issues besides my normal I think those cats are a little extra (another day, another blog) but it fits my everyone makes their own choice deal. Now the the constant willing to throw stones at folks, particularly the gay community and how what they are doing violates family values, well that I take issue with because of who's throwing the stone.

Carl's been making headlines lately about his displeasure with gay pride parades, gay marriages, the messages that current Governor Cuomo sends when he attends these events with his children, the family values are out of whack, etc type comments. Let's focus on that. He's saying that gay marriage violates family values and we lose sight of what this country was built on. And according to him, that means no same sex marriage. Same sex marriage violates the sanctity of the traditional marriage and corrupts the thinking of those who believe this is right.

You know what makes his comments funny. Is that he VIOLATED the sanctity of the traditional marriage when he cheated on his wife about 12 years ago and 10 years his mistress gave birth to their lovechild?!?! Jigga what the fuck are you talkin' aboout Willis? How can you pass judgment on gays when you don't follow and believe the values that you are criticizing them for? That's like me whuppin' my kid for waking up early every morning because I'm sleepy and he woke me up. What I am saying is it doesn't make sense.

In his warped mind, he's decided that fucking around and ignoring the values of marriage don't apply to him but apparently applies to a specific group. I knew a guy once that told me that when he gets married, he's going to cheat on his wife. See how fucked up both of these statements sound. I'm always mind boggled by the minds of man sometimes. "It's okay for me to fuck around but it's not okay for you to." Riiiiight.

I think a sore spot for me is when folks like Carl start to the public callouts when they have skeletons in your own closet. I mean I'm not gay, I'm not enamored with the lifestyle but I don't have the right to go out and pass judgment on them when my life hasn't been squeaky clean. Paladino just needs someone to step in ala that Wrap it Up skit from Chappelle Show. In other words, wrap it up B. Fo' real!

Today's Lesson

Like Lyte said, why oh why did I drink Paladino? Sit yo dumb ass down man and find a different platform or topic to focus on. But stop playing that Ned Flanders role when you living like Quagmire. Ya dig what I'm saying readers! The madness has to stop.

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