Friday, October 22, 2010

What the Honest Man is Listening To - Deluxe Edition

After Commissioner No Class posted up the emergency Honest Man emblem in the sky, it dawned on me that my readers have been robbed of the Honest Man's current musical rotation. So instead of the normal one current song per what I'm listening to post, the Honest Man is hitting you with a barrage of goodies that should keep the sucka music criminals on ice for at least the remainder of the month. So get your mind right fam, I'm hittin' you with that new new (not to be confused with Nu Nu) music!

Rick Ross f Drake & Chrisette Michelle - Aston Martin Music

Don't let your hate cloud your judgment. Yep, Ross is definitely fool's gold after being exposed as an ex PO but as much as you want to hate, you can't front on what he's releasing as singles. Super High was dope and this joint here is PURE GOLD. Sleep if you want....

Kanye West f Swizz Beatz, Raekwon, Mos Def, & Charlie Wilson - Lord, Lord, Lord

If you missed my last What I'm listening to post, then go dig in the archives and remember, I'm a Kanye homer. But even the hardest cats out there gotta respect this track. Just a beautifully put together track with my man from the Gap band, MISTA Charlie Wilson just singing "Lord lord lord lord lord LORD, Looooorrrrrddd" I love this shit ha!

Chris Brown f Andre 3000, Drake, Kanye West, TI, & Fabolous - Deuces (remix)

Remember when Chris Brown was left for the music graveyard after the Rihanna mishap? Remember when he got some bad advice to drop an album not too long after that mishap? And remember that shit tanked something awful? Flash forward to 2010. The infamous MJ tribute at the BET Awards. The dropping of "Deuces" and how the internet forced the radio to play the song because heads were rocking. Well folks, the remix is even hotter. If you ain't feeling it, don't worry, I'm giving you the deuces and saying "bye bye"

Gucci Mane f Nicki Minaj & Pharrell - Haterade

Aight, facts first. I fuck with Gucci Mane. I told ya before and Imma tell ya again. I fuck with Gucci. Up next Nicki. The coke bottle body with the even sicker flow. Can't stand her album singles but love her on other folks tracks, kinda like a new age Foxy Brown. And then you have one of the greatest producers in music history. Which means the Honest Man is posting on his list. Get your haterade hater!

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Anonymous said...

I'm feeling em all but the Gucci track. Well, the track is hot, the hook is hot, the flows over top is aight.......but I guess coming from me that's a compliment since I don't really mess wit Gucci too heavy and I feel like I've heard Nikki come stronger. Solid list though........Honest Man does it again. LAWD LAWD LAWD