Monday, October 11, 2010

Songs in the Key of the Honest Man's Life - Mothership Connection (Starchild)

I miss the 70s. Specifically the soul of the 70s. There was great range of soulful sounds in this decade. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Isaac Hayes, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, I could go on forever. What made that decade (and for the most part the 80s) so great was the creativity in place. And at the forefont was the man they called George Clinton. And he was backed by the funky fresh nasty sound better known as Parliament.

I feel the need to post a classic gem from George's band here. Because I feel sometimes the only song the new generation knows is "Atomic Dog" and that's because the Qs play it ALL the time at their frat party. But peep their discography young caterpillars, it's pretty deep. And today I drop one of my favorites from Parliament. Get down wit yo bad self man. Don't make me sock you with the bop gun.

Parliament - Mothership Connection (Starchild)

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